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A Fresh Take on a Historic Space!

Nestled in the center of Bordentown city, a culinary gem awaits—Bordentown Square Tap + Grill. Embracing the essence of community and culinary innovation, this eatery offers modern touches and technology while honoring the rich history and traditions of the area.

At Bordentown Square, the menu is a testament to creativity and craftsmanship. Our culinary artisans fuse locally sourced ingredients with global inspiration, curating a menu that surprises and delights all palates.

Delectable choices extend beyond the kitchen to self-pour tap wall and our bar, where mixologists craft cocktails that are both inventive and timeless. Be served, or pour yourself a beer, wine, or cocktail curated just for you —perfect companions to your culinary journey.

The ambiance is an inviting blend of modern touches, casual elegance, and historical craftmanship. The sleek, stylish decor harmonizes with the lively  atmosphere, creating a space that is equally suitable for a casual gathering with friends or a special evening out.

Bordentown Square Tap + Grill isn’t just a place to dine; it's an experience—an invitation to explore inventive cuisine, indulge in thoughtfully crafted drinks, and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Bordentown's culinary scene. Join us at Bordentown Square and discover the perfect harmony of exceptional flavors and warm hospitality.